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Workshops, resources and information:

Personal growth, Sustainable living, Nutrition and medicinal plants, Protection of our environment, Spirituality, Fitness and wellness

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A Natural Lifestyle:

Organic plant-based alternatives and supplements, Natural healing through plants and their benefits, including the ritual use of cannabis as our Sacrament., Eco-tours and outdoor activities..

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The Sanctuary:

Meditation rooms
Wellness, yoga and cannabis sanctums
Conference room

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Empowering Our Members:

Environmental education and programs to protect nature for future generations. Improving to our community, our wellbeing and our future. Collaborating with local charities and supporting grassroots efforts towards social improvement.

If we love, respect and protect the Earth, it will love, respect and protect us.

about us

Sacred Source Sanctuary is an inclusive space...

...where people of all backgrounds and faiths come together to explore, expand and experience a deeper spiritual connection with our planet Earth through a healthy, natural lifestyle. At a time when news headlines focus on violence, corruption, social injustice, environmental catastrophe and a long list of social challenges, it’s easy to believe that we are witnessing a moral collapse. But rather than feeling despair, our community upholds a proactive and optimistic vision of the future. We believe that together we can become better, wiser, more compassionate humans, with a healthy, purposeful lifestyle and a happier, more sustainable community. We empower our members to protect the environment and improve their community and self by educating them on scientific findings and wisdom new and old.


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Sacred Source Sanctuary community is conveniently located on 3434 Midway Ave, suite 2004, San Diego, California, 92110.