December 4, 2017

Who We Are

Sacred Source Sanctuary,  A nonprofit organization, formed by ordinary open-minded individuals of all backgrounds and beliefs, decided to take action for an extraordinary change to protect, explore, expand and experience a deeper spiritual connection with our planet earth.

We believe in a better community, a better world is possible! a more compassionate and purposeful lifestyle, without suffering, protecting our health, our freedom, our dignity and our environment, for a happier, sustainable community, and we start in our hearts and minds.


“To be the little sanctuary that’s changing the world”


We believe in a cause bigger than ourselves, we believe in education, empowerment and activism, to protect our health, our environment and human dignity, becoming better humans to CHANGE THE WORLD, and have fun doing it.  We know we can’t do it alone, that is why we welcome all backgrounds to share ideas and mutual support for are cause, and in order to change the world we need to start in our hearts and our minds.


  • Protect our health, our environment, human dignity and our rights

Support & Awareness

  • Freedom organization “Polaris” to end human trafficking of Latin American females and other victims of modern slavery.
  • Natural Disaster relief programs.
  • Cannabis treatments and studies for serious illnesses to prevent and alleviate human suffering.
  • Local conservation programs