January 10, 2018


Technological advancements have drastically improved our life on the planet in many great ways. We now have so much power at our fingertips like never in all our history. We are exposed to more information, different stimuli and more and more ideas circling the globe at incredible speed, anyone with internet access has now, far more information and material to play with, than intellectuals that influenced our cultures and beliefs several centuries ago.

But on the other side, today most headlines focus on war, terrorism, the abuses of repressive governments, more and more racism, social injustice, more sick people, sexual diversity issues, economic and gender inequality, and a long list of social challenges….along with constant damage to our environment, it is easy to get the impression that we are witnessing a moral collapse. Our values, our needs, our beliefs and every facet of human culture are being altered by this rapid exchange of information, it only makes sense that religion would be affected as well.

Rigid identities- be they national, ideological, or religious- are becoming obsolete and pre-packaged answers with no evidence to support them satisfy fewer and fewer people as they are beginning to understand different perspectives, replacing our views by a global sense.

Still more wars are waged now because of religion than for any other ideological reason.

In the 21st century we are still carrying on our shoulders a huge amount of guilt, prejudices and old ways of thinking of countless generations, we find ourselves spiritually confused, indifferent and flirting dangerously with our health and self destruction.

Our world views and values are in desperate need of some serious housecleaning

4>We can collaborate, support each other, our views, and together protect our health, human dignity, and the environment.

If we are able to impact a strong enough minority of people and they change positively their thoughts and capacity to act, and other people at least switched to less destructive beliefs, help others, and work together we can make a big change