January 11, 2018


In Nature, We find the perfect balance for our mind, body and spiritual living.

Nature gives us life, it maintains life, Nature is here, around us, it is us.

Nature is the oldest religion in the world, even before any other religion itself.

Our ancestors considered it as the most sacred.

For many generations, the worship of Mother Nature was considered the “infant” stage of human beings, After more and more religions surfaced, man was considered entering the “adolescent” stage, marked by violence, manipulation, corruption and religious persecutions. To worship nothing was later considered the “mature” stage of humans, material objects gained power over us, over our respect for nature, our respect for ourselves.

The war on nature is seriously threatening the survival of humanity and the entire planet,

Limitless growth cannot be supported by finite, scarce resources, it’s an economic Model destined to collapse.

That is why there has never before been more conscious earth-minded individuals, more ecological movements, naturalists and spiritualists who are guiding humanity to a more rational “mature” stage of adulthood.

Just like an adolescent reconciles with its parents, humanity is reconciling with Mother Nature, returning to it’s source, THE SACRED SOURCE.