January 11, 2018


With the help of Science, we now have supporting evidence that all living things are
connected by the life force that flows through them.

And now we begin to understand how we are intertwined.

Mankind is formed by the same elements that form the universe and nature, atoms, molecules and genes are the same as the stars, forests, animals and human beings.

The plants and animals, all have a relationship to each other, the oxygen we breathe is a by-product of the plants as they go through the life process of photosynthesis, just as the carbon dioxide we exhale is exactly what plants require to live.

At SSS, we believe that by opening our hearts, our minds and experiencing our sacrament, when properly understood, and treated with respect, it can be a spiritual ally in the journey of awakening, experiencing nature in its fullness and experience a deep-rooted and abiding connection, in which plants and human beings coexist and intertwine, focusing more on inner discovery than on outreach toward an external manifestation of higher power.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”