January 10, 2018


We are a Sanctuary. A sacred place to:

  • Reconnect, protect and worship our spiritual connection with nature.
  • Aid our membersin their personal journey towards happiness, fulfillment, peace and, an enduring wellness of mind, body and spirit.
  • Build genuine human connections based on gratitude, compassion and support for others, protecting our freedom, human dignity and reduction of suffering.
  • A Sacred Area, a quiet, inspiring sanctuary for rituals like meditation, yoga and other spiritual rituals.
  • Develop an eco-friendly culture and make environmental protection a religious priority that rewards conservation over consumption.
  • Provide reliable Information, workshops and resources for people who are diving deeper in the natural health world, with nutritional and plant based medicine.
  • Respect diversity and all religious backgrounds.
  • To Collaborate, constructively with ideas, traditions, updating our beliefs, values, and agree on an ideology that reflects a greater degree of knowledge, based on scientific evidence, a global perspective, old wisdom and new thought, that benefit us as individuals as well as a community.